Linda-Ruth first studied photojournalism at Boston University’s School of Journalism. While living in Japan she continued her studies as part of the Nagasaki Photo Club.  She was honored with a solo show of her photographs at the Nagasaki County Museum.

While she has focused on sumi-ink painting in the intervening years, she has recently returned to her first love of photography.

While originally trained to use black-and-white film and work in the dark-room, Linda-Ruth has adapted her original training in documentary photography to the modern age of digitized images.  “I try to retain the possibilities of immediacy, objectivity and narrative which first drew me to photo-images. My photos aren’t staged and I try not to impinge on my subjects’ privacy when taking them. I use digital manipulation in producing the final image only to enhance the story each image tells. If it isn’t in the photograph to begin with, digital manipulation can’t put it there.  Everything we look at has a story to tell. It’s the job of the photographer to find that story and make it available to viewers far removed from that place and that time.”